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Watson Music Lessons teaches quality music lesson in Gilbert Arizona and surrounding area. Watson Music Lessons teaches: Guitar lessons, Drum lessons, Piano lessons , Vocal lessons, Bass lessons and more. All music lessons are for all ages and levels. Music lessons are offered: online, in person, or in home. For questions about music lessons or pricing, inquire about lessons in the box below and get ready to rock!
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Hi, my name is Charles Watson. What is your first and last name?

Awesome! Now, what is your email? This is how I will contact you.

Excellent! You can put your phone number if you want, and I'll give you a call.

Sweet!  What instrument do you want lessons for?


Great! Just let me know who the lessons will be for and your all set.


Thank you! Talk to you soon.

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My name is Charles E. Watson Jr. 

and I have been playing guitar for over

29 years

I started as a young child I have

studied it professionally in school and I

teach all styles of guitar and doing lead

solos or playing rhythm for any style I

teach popular songs and also traditional

classical or jazz blues songs as well as folk any style any

age and I make the lessons as fun as they are informative.


More about Charles Watson.

I am an international recording artist and seasoned performer. I have been playing music since the early age of 8 yrs old. I have always been inspired by music and love to inspire others with music. Some of my accomplishments include putting an album out with Universal Records as a Nashville recording artist, having over 7 albums out internationally, and recording and playing with some of the biggest names in the music industry.


I am a classically trained musician as well as an innovative and experienced teacher. I have been teaching for over 15 years and have seen many of my students go on to become top-notch performers themselves while pursuing successful careers in music. In addition to being a private music teacher, I have also taught at many schools in the valley including the Center for Educational Excellence School, Grand Canyon Preparatory private charter school and the Arizona Music Academy.


I teach all levels of guitar, bass, and drums and tailor every lesson to the individual student’s needs and personality. My annual recitals are live-performance concerts featuring bands and other performing groups formed from among my students along with solo performances. My students also perform regularly throughout the community and are successful in their musical endeavors at all ages. I teach a wide range of genres and styles from classical music, blues, jazz and rock to heavy metal with an emphasis on becoming A-Level lead guitar soloists and song writers.


I teach songwriting skills, music theory, and have even helped many of my guitar students be able to sing better while learning their main instrument. * Lesson Details * I make my lessons fun and informative and have had many students stay with me for up to 7 years. I show you everything you will ever need to know about music theory but in a very useful applicable way. I teach popular songs from any artist and classics that have stood the test of time and show you how to become a great song writer of your own giving you an insider’s knowledge about how to perform and have the audience standing asking for more.


No matter if you want to become a pro lead guitar player or just play to have fun I can show you how to sing and play the guitar or piano at the same time or singing songs from church as well as your favorite rock or pop songs with confidence. * Travel Equipment * Just my own guitar and amp they need their own equipment. * Specialties * Classical, flamenco, rock, heavy metal guitar. I have also developed new classical guitar techniques that I call the "trem" stroke and the "harpeggio"

Watson Music Lessons offers you highly qualified music teachers in Arizona, with 20+ years experience in teaching kids and adults.  The teachers at Watson Music Lessons are also professional performers and recording artists with music albums on major and independent labels. 


The Best Lesson in Gilbert AZ!!

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