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Watson Music Lessons: Summer Camps


A one week group guitar class where students learn how to play, learn easy fun songs, and take a tour of the Music Instrument Museum with a Watson Music Lessons teacher who discusses the evolution of the guitar and how other world cultures play music. 


Monday - Friday, 9 AM to 1 PM


Includes: lunch and drinks, books and manuals, guitar picks , and music stands.

All you need is a guitar.

Guitar and World Music Summer Camp
Concert Series Summer Camp
This program is offered as a one or two week camp. Students learn to play popular songs that they perform at the conclusion of their camp. During this camp, students watch a series of music concerts on video designed to instruct in stage performance by famous bands and legendary musicians.
Students attend one in-house concert with a Watson Music Lessons teacher to experience watching other students on stage and observe how they manage their instruments and equipment and work together.

Monday - Friday, 9 AM to 1 PM


Includes: lunch and drinks, books and manuals, and concert venue.

Summer Showdown Battle of the Bands

In a band? Or want to be in one? This camp is an all-exclusive ticket for a chance to not only play in a concert with your band but win the Watson Music Lessons  Summer Showdown battle of the bands.


The winning band receives a recording session for their best song and a CD, wav, and mp3 of that single as well as a video of their winning performence. The winning band will be listed on youtube on the Watson Music Lessons Champions Channel.


A Watson Music Lessons teacher coaches each band for the competition and helps refine and inhance their songs and performance. Performers that are not already in a band are teamed-up into their own band and show what they can do.


Bands meet once a week for one hour for four weeks, and compete at the end of the camp.

Coaching and recording times by arrangement.




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