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 Watson Music Lessons
 Instrument  lessons

Watson Music Lessons offers instruction on many different instruments.


  1. All lessons include how to read and understand written music for the instrument.

  2. All lessons include how to handle and care for the instrument.

  3. All lessons include how to tune the instrument for a quality sound.



From extreme guitar solos to refined classical guitar, Watson Music Lessons teachers are the best at what they do. Learn to play many styles and genres.


Become the root of the band and music as a true bassist that can play with anyone, find the groove, and then take center stage as a master of technique and finesse.


Today's drummers are a new breed of precision and skill. Many styles of music are used on the drums to create a full and complete rhythm for the music, but they are also very simple and easy to learn and a student can understand and become a great drummer in no time with a Watson Music Lessons teacher's help.


Have fun on the piano! Thats right. Have more fun than ever before playing piano. Learn your favorite songs and also how to make music on the piano in easy ,beautiful ways. The piano is considered to be one of the very best instruments to learn and understand music at any point in time.


Learn how to combine body , mind, and soul into your singing right from the start. Build confidence and charm with every breath. Let all that music finally come out and love doing it. Sing and play or become the front of the band. Step into the spot light and shine. 

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